The things we do for our loved ones. So I got off work yesterday and took a two hour drive to Columbus with my dad. We picked caden up from his hotel and checked into ours. We got to bs with him until about 9:40. So we all head back to our separate hotels and hit the hay. Caden had to be at MEPS at 5:30 for processing before he swore in again. Dad and I met him there at eight and waited to watch him swear in. They took three groups of military boys and cadens group never went. So finally the last few boys get called into the office only to find out that they were out of time and have to swear in and ship out tomorrow. I wish I could be there to say goodbye when he was suppose to leave but at least I said goodbye today. I’m glad I got some extra time with my soldier today. 😍 January can’t come soon enough.

So last night I found out that my boyfriend would be home in January instead of around Christmas, I watched a cop try to break into my friends car, and I cut my best friends hair all while being drunk. What did you do? 😂

"I’m so fucking sick of saying I’m sorry when I’m the one collapsed on the ground."
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